Offered products

 We supply our proprietary synergist related products and products related to carbon nanotube dispersion using synergists.

Synergist related products

 Dispersed materials are classified into two broad types, Synergist (Synergist) and Resin type dispersant (Dispersant).

 Additive series is for nanomaterial dispersion such as organic pigment.
 The Additive El series is provided for the dispersion of functional materials such as carbon nanotube (CNT), cellulose fiber (CNF), graphene and so on.

 (organic pigment, for titanium oxide dispersion)

 >>Additive El series
 (for carbon nanotube, graphene dispersion)

Carbon nanotube dispersion related products

 We provide dispersion of carbon nanotubes using special Additive El product which we do not offer in general.

 Manufacturers of CNT products, change grade, change dispersion solvents,
 It is possible to change the design according to the application and post-processing process.